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In Addis Ababa, we showcase 1 community reconciliation practice: Yegurbtna Erk


Ethnic Group: Various; Addis Ababa City Residents

Name of Reconciliation: Yegurbtna Erk

Themes: Elder; Neighborhood; Religious Leaders; Conflict; Forgiveness

Location of Reconciliation Process: Addis Ababa

About Yegurbtna Erk:

Yegurbtna Erk is a locality-based reconciliation system that takes place in Addis Ababa and other urban areas of the country. Yegurbtna Erk means “reconciliation by neighborhood”, and it solves cases starting from family members conflict to neighbor conflict. It transcended generations until now. It takes place when the victim accuses the accused of inflicting harm. The process take place by respected elderlies and religious leaders. Due to siginficant economic differences in a city, elderlies and religious leaders intercede between conflicting parties to resolve the case. The elderlies and religious leaders must be accepted by the community and chosen to proceed the process.

The Reconciliation Process:

The Day of Reconciliation is chosen on the presence of both parties. On the Day of Reconciliation, the elderlies sit in front of both conflicting parties.  The victim is given the first chance to talk. After the victim expressed their side, the accused is given a chance to defend themselves. Then, both parties sit apart and the elderlies talk to them separately. Then they see the weight of the case and try to encourage the victim to forgive the accused and, along the way, tell the accused the harm that was caused. Finally, the accused apologizes and the victim forgives.

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Paper by Biruk Girma (Addis Ababa)